TAD Reorganization

On June 28, 2011, TAD announced its planned reorganization to focus TAD’s limited resources in two program emphasis areas: (1) Large Taxpayer and Revenue Compliance; and (2) Targeted Programs & Criminal Support.
The TAD announcement provided to realign 9 District Offices into 6 Audit Offices.   Three offices would close and the staff reassigned.  As part of the reorganization, TAD will create up to two Special Operations Program Directors (SOPDs) and form National Response Teams (NRTs) compromised of volunteers from TAD, TID, and Intelligence Division staff.  Members of the NRT would receive increased training and be available for team callouts when needed for National diversion assignments.  TTB plans to realign the offices and staff by October 1, 2011 and to further review and evaluate the potential to eventually reduce some of its physical office space. 
TTB and NTEU representatives are in negotiations over the impact and implementation of these changes to the bargaining unit staff.  NTEU Chapter 305 would like to receive any comments or input you have regarding these changes.  Some of our stewards will be available to meet with you privately at the All-Hands meeting in Denver if you would like to discuss an issue.  Please email Renee Yankey, Chapter President, or Tim Foster, Vice-President, with your comments, concerns, or suggestions.  You may send us an email through the TTB email system or to our chapter email addresses:
Renee   nteuch305@yahoo.com Tim         tfoster@nteu305.org
Please visit our NTEU Chapter 305 - TTB web page.
Our mission:  To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.
Our next TTB NTEU Partnership Council meeting will be held July 26
th and 27th at TTB Headquarters.  If you have an issue you feel the chapter should advance to the Council, please email your NTEU representatives on the Council:  Renee Yankey, Tim Foster, or Tomika Moore.  The TTB-NTEU Partnership page shows the minutes of our meetings and other information for you. 
We look forward to hearing from you and to continue to represent your interest.
The Officers of Chapter 305
NTEU Chapter 305
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