First National Partnership Meeting

Chapter 305 and TTB Executive Management are working to schedule our First National Partnership Meeting.

We would like for all bargaining unit employees to contact their steward, chief steward, or the Chapter President with items they would like to see discussed at our first partnership meeting.

The purpose of a partnership council is to 1) create a forum for national issues, and to 2) promote the desire to create a labor-management partnership by involving management representatives of the Bureau with NTEU and the bargaining unit employees it represents.

In Article 38 of our Agreement we describe our goals for partnership as follows:

  • Deliver quality service at the lowest possible cost to internal and external customers with the involvement of bargaining unit employees.
  • Build a successful, efficient and competitive organization with the ability to gain new business within the scope of the Bureau's mission.
  • Involve employees (through NTEU) before the Bureau's decisions that impact the bargaining unit are finalized, including NTEU participation in appropriate Bureau operational meetings and groups relating to issues affecting the bargaining unit.
  • Effectively implement, with employee involvement, the Chief Financial Officer Act, the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act, and the Government Performance and Results Act.
  • Foster the effective performance of a diverse work force.
  • Provide income security by providing quality public service.
  • Improve labor-management relations.
  • Implement any TTB restructuring that impact bargaining unit employees.
  • Create more job satisfaction, feelings of respect, value and ownership.
  • Define and meet strategic and operational plans and goals.
  • Ensure a stable, self-confident union/management relationship.
  • Manage conflict to settle/resolve disputes faster.
  • Reduce confrontation, arbitrariness and conflict.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Confront change with speed, flexibility and innovation.
  • Recognize, admit and correct mistakes.
  • Share risks, accountability and rewards to the extent that decision-making is shared.
  • Ensure that TTB becomes a leader in government.
  • Operate efficiently on a fixed budget and manage finances in a responsible and sound manner.
The meeting notes will be posted on the TTB intra-web.