Important Message Concerning Breaks

It was brought to the attention of NTEU, Chapter 305, that management was advising bargaining unit employees at BHQ that they could no longer have breaks because the union negotiated them away.

and breaks were never listed in the agreement, past or present. This would have been a change in working conditions due to past practice, and the Chapter immediately reserved the rights of the employees and the Chapter to bargain over this change.

On July 23, 2008, President G. Renee Yankey received an e-mail from Susan Greemore, Director of Human Resources, in which she stated that “Yes, breaks are still being allowed as they have been. There was no email that went to all employees at BHQ.

This is one of many examples of how important it is to advise your local steward if management advises you of changes. You need to make sure that all changes in working conditions have been properly notified to the union and negotiated to protect your rights. Good job to all the employees who brought this to our attention! You have helped us resolve this issue.

G. Renee’ Yankey, NTEU Ch 305 President