NTEU Chapter 305 is happy to announce that the group grievance filed on behalf of all NRC Bargaining Unit Employees has been resolved at the first level.  It has taken some serious time and discussions to finalize this grievance filed back in the summer. The written apology is posted on the NTEU Boards in the break rooms at the NRC, please take a minute to stop and read.  If you happen to be on vacation, leave or travel and do not get a chance to read the apology, please contact any steward to obtain a copy of the apology.
We still have a number of grievances going forward and have invoked arbitration in three cases.  We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our entire work force to assure that every employee's rights and dignity are respected.  Take time to read our National Agreement and assure that your rights and dignity are always respected, and if you determine that you have a grievance, never hesitate to contact a steward.