Critical Elements Negotiations Completed

GS CEs I & I Negotiations

(Photo Courtesy Robin Paxton)

The negotiations are completed on the I & I of the General Schedule Bargaining Unit.
A copy of the final signed agreement can be found here.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • The agency will create a cross walk of the old critical elements to the new critical elements (i.e. they will take a copy of an evaluation conducted under the old system and convert it to the new system).
  • The agency will provide training with the cross walk to help all employees understand the new requirements and where old requirements have been relocated.
  • Employees will not be rated on critical element 5 for the 2008 evaluation, but will receive a narrative on the employees’ performance on that element.
  • Employees will not be held to critical element 5 until no sooner than 30 days after receiving the training on critical elements.

In the photograph, the union representatives are on the left.

G. Renee' Yankey, President
Dorothea Howlett, Secretary and Steward
Alexa Rukstele, NTEU National Negotiator
Diane McCants, Steward
The agency officials are on the right.

Mike Church, BPD - LR
Susan Greemore, Director of Human Resources