New NTEU/TTB Contract

A new agreement was reached between both parties.
It has been ratified and is now in effect. Here are some of the highlights of the new contract:

A New Maxiflex Schedule.
This includes a new "gliding schedule" option, which allows employees to vary arrival and departure times on a daily basis, up to one hour before and after the approved daily start and end times.

The new Maxiflex schedule also include options for "flexible 5/4/9
" and "flexible 4/10 schedules", which are different from compressed 5/4/9 and 4/10 schedules because they may be combined with the "gliding schedule" and "credit hours" option. These flexible schedules allow employees to start and end work within the "gliding" hours each day, provided they work the proper number of hours (8, 9 or 10 hours).

Gliding schedules and credit hours are not available to those working "compressed" 5/4/9 or 4/10 schedules. Employees with compressed schedules must work the same set hours every day and take off the same day(s) every pay period. By law, flexible schedule options such as credit hours and gliding schedules are not available to employees on compressed work schedules.

Participating employees should note that core hours have now been shortened to 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., instead of 3:30 p.m.

Expanded Protections for Employee Details.
New language provides that in order to fairly distribute detail opportunities to all qualified and interested employees, selections for details will be made on a rotational basis. TTB must continue to use the procedures set forth in the contract to solicit employee interest in details and to select from among qualified applicants.

Telework Opportunities. TTB will continue to offer telework opportunities and provide participating employees with laptops and cell phones, or reimbursements for telephone expenses.

Improvements to the Performance Management Program. Under an NTEU-advanced provision, performance-related documents or files that could adversely impact an employee's performance rating will be provided to an employee, normally within ten work days.

Greater Transparency on Awards.
NTEU won expanded requirements for TTB to provide information on awards, including grade/band level, gender, race/national origin, age and bargaining unit status for each recipient. This information will not be attributable to individual employees. NTEU will use the data to ensure that awards are disbursed in a fair and equitable manner and based on merit, and to pursue grievances where the agency fails to meet its obligations under statute, regulations and the contract.

New Procedures for Employees Seeking a Voluntary Reassignment.
NTEU secured new procedures for employees who request a reassignment to another job or post-of-duty.

Enhanced Employee Rights.
The new contract expands the scope of the negotiated grievance and arbitration procedures to include Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) matters, which previously could only be raised through the statutory EEO complaint process.

Labor-Management Cooperation.
TTB will continue utilizing a National Partnership Council as a forum to address and resolve labor-management issues and agreed to continue involving NTEU in decisions impacting employees' work lives.

The text of the contract can be found below.