MOU on Elimination of LAN Room in Dallas

The memorandum of understanding is attached.

TTB 2008 Salary and Bonus Information

The following information was supplied by the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Tim Foster, Chief Steward

Changes in Working Conditions

Before TTB management can make any changes in your conditions, the agency has to bargain with NTEU Chapter 305 over the changes pursuant to 5 USC 7114 and Article 39 of the Bargaining Unit Agreement.  If TTB makes changes without notice to the Chapter, any change would be an unfair labor practice (5 U.S.C. 7116).
Types of changes requiring notice and bargaining:

VOIP Soft Phones and telephone lines
New equipment – printers, chairs, computers
Work hours
Travel issues
Methods to perform your work
Time for lunch break
Software to perform your jobs
New Orders or Directives
Even changes in things like where the water bottle or coffee pot sits.

This list is not all-inclusive. It just provides examples. If a change has occurred in your office or flexiplace office, please notify Renee Yankey, President, or Tim Foster, Chief Steward, immediately.

Affirmative Defenses and Disabilities

Employees may raise a new fact or set of facts to defeat actions taken against them, (e.g., an adverse action under 5 CFR 752 or a performance-based action under 5 CFR 432), even if the facts supporting the actions are true. This is called an affirmative defense. Disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and whistleblower reprisal are some of the affirmative defenses that can be raised.

New Memorandum of Agreement

The agreement pertaining to the move of the Dallas tax audit office can be found here.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger will be available for members every Tuesday from 2:00 to 4:00 EST to discuss anything they would like with the chapter.  The yahoo name is nteuch305 on yahoo chat.

July Update

The agency has submitted a counter proposal to the Absence and Leave Order (TTB O 2630.1).  It is currently being reviewed by the bargaining team.  The current proposal is available to all members upon request.  Please drop an e-mail to:
The agency has submitted new proposed orders last week on the following:
Alcohol Beverage Safety and Verification Order/Handbook  (TTB O 5100.3/TTB H 5100.3)
Merit Promotion and Placement Plan  (TTB O 2335.1A)
The current proposal is available to all members upon request.  Please drop an e-mail to:
We are close to finalizing the negotiations on the Dallas TAD Office Move.  If you have any questions, please e-mail the chapter.
AT LAST!  We are working with management to create work groups to re-evaluate the Critical Element 5, Mission Statement for NRC Specialist.  We will also be looking into ways to streamline the work as it does not look very promising in the future in hiring and back filling the specialist positions at the NRC.  The work continues to increase monthly, but the work force in this office has been trimmed year over year.  We hope to work with management to find ways to improve service and lessen the workload on each specialist.  We also hope to obtain more reasonable and attainable goals in our mission statement.  All concerns and comments should be e-mailed to Theresa Webster (Tax) and Dottie Howlett (Permit).

NRC Wine Work Assignment Memorandum of Agreement

The new agreement pertaining to work assignments for the NRC Wine and Tobacco Excise Tax Group and the NRC Wine Excise Tax Group can be found here.

Current with NTEU Chapter 305 as of May 1, 2009

We are currently working on the following issues:

(1) Proposal by Management to alter file access to NRC employees
(2) Proposal by Management to limit personal items in cubicles of NRC Employees
(3) Proposal to move Tobacco Permit Specialist to a new chain of command at the NRC
(4) A proposed new Absence and Leave Order
(5) A Proposed new Training Management Order  
(6) A Proposed new ADR Order
(7) A proposal to image NRC files
(8) National Partnership Meeting Preparations

Still in Progress:

(1) HIP Order is going to arbitration
(2) HIP suspension at the NRC
(3) Computer roll out

Current Formal Actions:

(1) 1
st Level: 3
(2) 2
nd Level: 2
(3) Arbitration: 2
(4) Other assistance:  2

National Partnership Meeting

Meetings will be conducted May 19 and 20. Please provide questions and comments here.



Second Phase Phone System Memorandum of Agreement

The second phase our new phone system will soon be implemented.

The full agreement can be found

MS Office Communicator

NTEU Chapter 305 is bargaining for your rights every day. Microsoft Office Communicator is one example of the negotiations the chapter performed to protect your rights.

Communicator is an optional tool and its use is voluntary.
If management is requiring you to run Communicator, please contact your Steward for your office.

To turn off Communicator, right click on the upper left icon, select tools and then options. Uncheck the box for Communicator to automatically start when I log on to Windows and uncheck automatically open the contact list when Communicator starts. Then click save.

Tim Foster, Union Steward

Agency Wants to Alter Rules for Recognizing Distinct Grape-Growing Areas

“As the American wine industry began its march to becoming the $1 billion-a-year export industry it is today, the federal government established a system in 1978 to recognize the country's distinct grape-growing areas. The appellation system creating American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs, is popular in the wine industry, which uses it as a marketing tool”, according to The Washington Post.


Employment Law Special Focus Report

“President Barack Obama and the new Congress promptly have begun to follow through on their campaign promises to enact rules favoring employees and unions over employers”, according to In-House Texas, a Texas Lawyer publication.


TID District Office Realignment Memorandum of Agreement

The Trade Investigations Division (TID) has determined that a realignment of three of its District Offices is necessary in order to make the Division more effective and efficient.


Microsoft Scheduling Program Memorandum of Agreement

The Microsoft Scheduling Program will be utilized to document the scheduling of industry interviews of all applicants/taxpayers.

Arbitration Invoked on New HIP Policy

Chapter 305 has invoked arbitration on the unwillingness of TTB to negotiate the new HIP order.

Online Meeting for TID Realignment Proposal

An online meeting will be held this Saturday morning to discuss this issue.


New Computer Rollout

We are preparing for the new computer rollout that will soon take place.

Employees’ Right To Petition Congress

The right to petition the government is the freedom of individuals (and sometimes groups and corporations) to petition their government for a correction or repair of some form of injustice without fear of punishment for the same (Wikipedia). Read More...

Thank You Card from Theresa Webster

The following note was received from Theresa....

New Pay Demo Agreement and Order

Union Steward Tim Foster has gathered recent documentation pertaining to the new pay demo agreement. Read More...

National Partnership Council Meeting

We are working to get the agenda together for the 2nd TTB-Ch 305 NPC later this month

New Mission Statements/Critical Element Standards

Concerned about the New Mission Statements/Critical Element Standards?  The Agreement has you covered! 


New Copier Agreement

The memorandum of agreement...

In My Own Words

A new section has been added to the site that provides first person narratives from members describing how NTEU has helped them resolve employment issues. Read More...