NTEU, Chapter 305 is very disappointed in the Agency and NRC Management in their decision to hire a new manager to the NRC, since they have not hired behind specialist for so long.
The agency has been made aware in many National Partnership Meetings, in their office reviews and in the FOCUS groups they conducted that the specialist are overburdened with their assignments and we need some of the positions held in abeyance for years to be back filled of employees who have left or retired.  NTEU, Chapter 305 does feel that the working with the industry to put them into business, allow the industry to amend their records to allow changes once they are in business, timely processing claims and assisting the industry in tax and compliance/recordkeeping requirements should be a high priority to the agency and do not understand why they appear to care so little about their mission and the industry in general.  We encourage employees to do the best they can when working with the industry without negatively affecting their health.
We remind employees that this mission is not the employee’s mission alone, management is also responsible for our mission and we should do our best with the work hours we have, but we should not be working uncompensated hours.  You should take your breaks, take lunch and should leave at your proper quitting time.  We hope that eventually we will see management willing to hire behind our loss of employees and take our mission more seriously in the future.
G. Renee' Yankey
NTEU, Chapter 305, President
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