Reminder Regarding Annual and Sick Leave Requests

Recently the Agency sent a copy of part of an order out that was not in compliance with the current agreement.
RECENTLY THE AGENCY SENT A COPY OF PART OF AN ORDER OUT THAT WAS NOT IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE CURRENT AGREEMENT, THE CONFLICTS ARE HIGHLIGHTED AND THE CORRENCTIONS ARE LISTED IN PURPLE. In accordance with Article 2, Section 1C, the agreement prevails over orders when there is a conflict. All bargaining employees will follow the portion in purple and not the highlighted portion of the order.

Susan Greemore, Human Resources Director stated that a correction will be coming soon.

In addition, if a manager requires that you speak directly to them and you are NOT on a leave restriction, please contact a steward of Chapter 305 regarding your rights.

Thank you,
G. Renee’ Yankey, NTEU Ch 305 President


Please read the following reminder of TTB's annual leave and sick leave request procedures.  For more detailed information, refer to ATF order 2650.1, Absence and Leave, found on the TTB intranet under the Directives link.

1.  Annual and sick (for medical, dental, or optical examinations) leave requests should be approved in webTA prior to the leave being taken.
A.   Sick leave requests (for medical, dental, or optical examinations) should be approved verbally, in writing, or in WebTA prior to leave being taken.  Supervisors, or designees, will respond to leave requests in a timely manner, normally on the same day of the request. 
   2. In the event of an emergency situation, requests for leave should be submitted in webTA as soon as possible.  In these circumstances, interim verbal requests should be made using the following guidelines:

The requesting employee must speak directly to his/her supervisor or designee.  Leaving a message or speaking to non-supervisory personnel is not sufficient. 
Unless previously instructed otherwise by the supervisor, the requesting employee must call and speak with his/her supervisor or designee or leave a voice mail message for the supervisor or designee; 
3.  In the event of absence in excess of 3 days, or in certain other circumstances, a supervisor may require additional documentation to support a request for sick leave.

4.  If an employee submits a leave request in webTA and wishes to change or cancel it, the supervisor should click on the “revert pending” button. The employee can then change, or cancel a leave request.